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Board certification is the best way to document your expertise. Allegro Reviews pocket study guides give learners both the knowledge and confidence required to achieve specialty board certification. Each flashcard style book is an entire mock exam, designed to match test topics, specifications, and item style. The back of each page contains a detailed explanation and rationale, so you are never left wondering WHY you got a question right or wrong.

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No one should die from uncontrolled bleeding. Life-threatening hemorrhage can occur anywhere: at home, on the roadways, in the workplace, during recreation, and in public spaces. And no matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders (immediate responders) will always be first on the scene.

ANYONE can learn how to control bleeding. Become familiar with the items in the BLEEDING STOPS HERE!™ kit and where you can learn more about this new national program... Learn More

A Course for Trauma Care After Resuscitation

Is your trauma fundamentals course satisfying the learning needs of your inpatient nurses?

TCAR is a foundational course for nurses across the trauma spectrum ... Learn More